Once upon a time, it was Ben Simmons and Tinashe who were the new couple with the singer flaunting her love for the basketball player and openly discussing their love. "It’s exciting when you really like somebody and you don’t wanna keep it a secret, secret. So it’s been fun. It’s been interesting. It’s a learning process. I’m still getting used to it," she said. Now that Ben and her are over, they seemingly run in the same circles making it too easy to see each other out, such as last night in West Hollywood. 

TMZ caught Ben and Kendall Jenner at Delilah last night and Tinashe was also in attendance. None of the parties stayed too long at the club, which could mean things got a little awkward inside. At one point, paparazzi went up to Tinashe and asked how her and Ben have since the break-up and she says that he's texting her as they speak. "He's texting me, what the hell, what is he doing?" she says in the video below.

Past reports have suggested that Ben and Kendall are planning on moving in together, which means things are for sure serious. Their run-in clearly wasn't planned and Ben could have very well been texting Tinashe apologizing for any awkwardness - or at least we hope.