Earlier today we posted about the unannounced run-in between Tinashe and her ex Ben Simmons and his new gyal, Kendall Jenner. They all saw each other at Delilah in West Hollywood last night, and the confrontation must have been awkward since either group stayed long. When paparazzi caught up with Tinashe outside the venue she told the camera that Ben was actually texting her: "He's texting me, what the hell, what is he doing?" she said. 

Well, it seems as though Tinashe was spreading straight lies since sources close to Ben tells TMZ that it's simply not true. Apparently Ben called her out on lying about the exchange of texts, she admitted she wasn't telling the truth and just created unnecessary tension. It seems as though the story could have sparked some issues on Ben and Kendall's side - tsk tsk. 

Ben and Kendall have been spotted hanging out many times in the last few weeks. From dinner dates, pool dates and even posting up at Khloe Kardashian's for a BBQ. The duo are even reportedly moving in together and it's easy to see how Tinshae may feeling a type of way.