Festival security guards have a vital role in keeping the grounds safe for concertgoers. However, sometimes they seem to think that they have more power than they actually do. During The Weeknd's Coachella set in 2018, footage went viral of XO rapper Belly getting beatdown by security guards. Several members of security brutally attacked Belly while he was heading backstage. Now, the rapper is taking Coachella to court over the assault and he's reportedly looking for a big bag.


TMZ reports that Belly filed a lawsuit against the California festival over the assault that took place last year. The rapper accused the festival of causing the assault since it was the security they hired that ended up beating him up. The rapper claims in new court documents that there were 25 security guards were involved in the assault. He claims that he had all of the proper credentials to be where he was. When he was heading backstage, the security guards rushed him and continued to punch and choke him. It should be noted that Belly also performed at Coachella earlier that day.

The attack, he claims, left him bruised and nearly unconscious. He said that the effects of the assault left him with permanent physical pain, as well as mental trauma. The rapper's suing the security company and Coachella for the assault. Although the amount he's suing for hasn't been disclosed, it's reported that he's looking for a big bag.