Already previewed at New York Comic-Con earlier this year, the full trailer for Batman Ninja is finally here for fans who only got a small snippet of their favourite superhero getting an anime re-make.

In just over two minutes the trailer starts off reading "A New Batman Story" where we see Batman and his number one enemy, the Joker, preparing for a feud in a chaotic era Japan. Explosions, guns, meditation, and some seemingly newly introduced warriors front the trailer that shows just a little bit of the action we're in store for. 

The current sneak peek has subtitles while plans for an English version has yet to be announced. The film is set to be available next year on  Blu-ray and DVD.

As for another upcoming remake of the Batman franchise, we recently posted that Jake Gyllenhaal has emerged as one of the front-runners for the new film, replacing Ben Affleck. Sources say that the low box office ratings after Justice League and the allegations of sexual assault Ben was under, plays a part in him not being a superhero again. 

If plans for Ben leading the film falls through, creator Matt Reeves would like to see Jake step in and take the part of the troubled billionaire, Bruce Wayne, and his crime-fighting alter ego.