Plenty of companies have already weighed in on the recent immigration ban implemented by the Trump administration recently, including Nike and Adidas. Now the music sharing and purchasing platform Bandcamp has thrown their hat in the ring in a big way.

Statements denouncing the law are one thing, but Bandcamp is putting its money where its mouth is by donating all the profits it makes from music sales this Friday, February 3, to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). To be clear, this will not include any of the money going to the artists who sell their music on Bandcamp, simply the cut that the company would usually take from each sale. If there was ever a time to make that Bandcamp purchase, it’s this Friday.

The company also released the requisite statement against the the Executive Order, say it “violates the very spirit and foundation of America.” Underneath that statement, Bandcamp highlighted musicians from each of the banned countries, plus Mexico. There isn’t much hip hop, but give it a listen if you’re curious.