Fans have been anticipating a collaboration from Baby Keem and Drake for months, ever since Drake called Die For My Bitch one of the best albums of 2019. As Baby Keem continues to grow as an artist, the Kendrick Lamar-affiliated rapper revealed that he was actually supposed to be featured on the #1 single "What's Next," which released as part of Drake's recent Scary Hours 2 drop, but his verse was scrapped.

Speaking with hip-hop tastemaker Carl Chery for Rap Pack, Baby Keem spoke about how he connected with Drake and what happened to his verse on "What's Next."

"Drake's tapped in, as he should. As soon as Die For My Bitch came out, he reached out a few months after [via DM]. I just remember seeing a bunch of emojis," laughed the buzzing rapper. "It wasn't even a conversation on working, like, I look up to you. I looked at him, like, any advice I could ever soak up from him, I try to do that. I don't know if we'll ever work, we'll see what happens in the process. There's been some talks about it but it's gotta be the right record, it gotta be the right situation, the right timing. I understand now his perspective."

Carl Chery said that when he tapped in with producer Supah Mario, he learned that Baby Keem and Playboi Carti were supposed to be featured on "What's Next." Keem explained what happened, saying, "I don't know [what happened], that's just his process. I look at it like, if we don't work now then we'll work later. Especially with someone like Drake, that's his process. I can't hate on another man's process."

Maybe one day, we'll end up hearing the remix with Baby Keem and Playboi Carti. Do you think Drake and Baby Keem would make a good pair on a record? Watch Carl Chery's full interview with Baby Keem below.