T.I. has been visibly shopping around for a new deal for himself and his Grand Hustle team, and there has been a lot of talk of a compilation from the group in the works. Now B.o.B. has confirmed that work has started taking place on the project.“We're recording here now,” he said. “We've been playing with a couple ideas, just having fun in an infamous fashion. Just allowing the music to come.” The project will feature GH leader, T.I., as well as Chip, Trae Tha Truth, D.O.P.E., 3Krazy (Young Dro) and Iggy Azalea.

Along with the comp, Bobby Ray has been working on his own solo material. The rapper has been experimenting with different types of music on his upcoming Rock EP.“My rock music comes from such an effortless place, I really don't want to 'try' to do anything. Every song that I've written so far comes from a place where I just want to write. It's a little different from my regular recording process." he said.

While B.o.B. enjoys recording guitar based music, he says his focus still lies with his other projects.“My top priority is recording my third album and the Grand Hustle compilation. I plan for everything to be ready this year. If it's not, that means its just going to be even better. I feel like I'm in a really good zone.”

On Yesterday's nominations for best rap album, Bobby couldn't choose a favorite. “It's really hard to say [who should win] because I enjoyed a lot of those albums. As an artist when you but a lot into a record and its you, I think that's a beautiful thing. To say who is the 'best' I really can't tell you. They all are the best.”

No reports on when the compilation will be complete, but expect grand hustle to have a big presence in 2013.