Azealia Banks is putting Wild'n Out on blast for how members of the production treated her on set. The rapper was invited to participate on the show. Rather than joining a team and unleashing comedic bars during a rap battle, Banks was only set to perform during the episode. While she was not active in every part of the filming, some who were present seemingly found time to harass the artist. Banks jumped on Twitter to recant the situation to her following, the "C*nt Brigade."

The post consists of a photo of Azealia onstage. Nick Cannon and other crew members are also in the frame. A caption tells a whole story that couldn't possibly be translated from the image. Azealia goes in:

"I did Wildin’ out today. There were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes and of course .... cry baby cried." She says that the production "planned this" since she was invited "on short notice." Banks claimed that colorist remarks were made: "I show up and some guy who’s darker than me starts calling me ugly and being colorist, then all of a sudden a choir of the most disgustingly basic, local, cattlecall “urban” pseudo comedic [...] post-Jim crow , post traumatic slave disorder true self esteem less, Ward of the state CLOWNS with their low scale and highly impressive resumes, start going off about how the beautiful Azealia Banks looks!"

Near the end of her caption, she writes, "I’ve never felt so much hate and rage for anyone else than I did in that moment." There might be some exaggeration to that statement considering her being spat on by Russell Crowe, whom she is now planning to sue. The rant ends with the acknowledgment of an African Deity, "Yemaya," who brings solace to her children and destruction to those who upset her.