Azealia Banks has hit another rough patch in her career after getting caught up in drama following her on-set experience at Wild'n Out. Ultimately, the artist decided to cancel the release of her much-anticipated album "Fantasea II: The Second Wave." Although the cancellation is meant to create some space in her calendar, Azealia is still working on her side-hustle, CheapyXO, a skincare brand.

Banks has been selling her own hand-made soaps for a couple of years now, slowly adding new products to her collection. Her products are named after her songs like " Miss Amor" and "Miss Camaraderie." The rapper hopped on Instagram live to detail the product's properties and show off their packaging.

She has another IG account dedicated to CheapyXO, where fans can find information about the products if they miss her IG live posts about them.

Many fans are likely to be disappointed that they are being offered new soap instead of new music. Azealia Banks announced her decision to shelve her album yesterday by writing, “Album is canceled. I need some time to relax and bounce on dick. I’ll release new music when I feel like it…” One thing is certain: Ms. Banks is full of talent. Who knew she was slinging suds on the side?