Azealia Banks has found herself in some hot water with her credit card company. According to The Blast, Banks was served with a six-figure lawsuit over credit card debt.

Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images

Earlier this month, a process server tracked down Banks to hit her with a lawsuit. According to documents, the server claims to have tracked her down after she stepped outside of her New York apartment to grab a UPS delivery. After the delivery man asked her for her last name, she replied, "Banks."

The server said that he handed the legal documents but the woman collecting the package backtracked and claimed that Banks' lived there but she wasn't home. The server also alleged the woman refused to give her last name.

The City National Bank filed a lawsuit against Banks in 2017, claiming she took out two credit cards with them but stopped making payments in 2017. They said she had a personal life of credit for $50K with them.

Now, the bank is going after Azealia Banks for the $137K debt as well as interest. City National said they've been having troubles tracking down Banks to serve her with the legal papers. They continued to say that they even needed an extension in order to track her down which was later granted by the judge. 

We'll keep you posted on any updates.