Azealia Banks is always filled with the most interesting stories. The young rapper is known for starting internet feuds at the drop of a dime, and now Banks is adding to the ongoing Kanye West controversy. Not the West supporting Trump controversy, or the West comments on slavery controversy. Not the ongoing Pusha T/ Kanye West versus Drake controversy either. Banks decided to take aim at the back and forth going on between Mr. West and Rhymefest right now. Rhymefest recently removed Kanye's mother's name from the non-profit organization that he runs. The Donda's House organization has been facing some financial troubles, and Rhymefest feels as if Kanye could care less. Banks claims that Kanye's careless attitude is something she had to deal with herself. 

Banks responded to Kim Kardashian's tweet aimed at Rhymefest where she claims he has not been maintaining the foundation, and now he's mad at Kanye. "But it’s dedicated to Kanye’s mom... i would assume kanye would be the one sustaining the foundation," tweeted Banks. "Not everyone can afford to pay loads of $ sneakers. I was at that session and kanye had a private Chef cooking food for only him. Kanye had niggas in the studio hungry and broke." She continued on to claim that Kanye left her hungry while stuffing himself in front of guests. "Literally the most obnoxious thing to watch kanye eat a plate of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto off Versace plates and 24k cutlery while not offering anyone in the room a single snack."

Banks also claims the Rihanna pulled a similar stunt when she went to the singer's house to work on music. The beginning of her story starts with a story about being at RiRi's Malibu home writing raps in the basement while the singer went upstairs and partied. That specific tweet has been deleted, but the remainder of her starvation story is still up.