According to WGXA in Georgia, a walk-on recruit will be barred from competing this year after confirm his commitment to the Auburn Tigers' Program.  C.J. Harris was expected to line up as a defensive back for the Tigers in 2018, but school officials notified him he was deemed ineligible because of a medical cannabis he uses to treat seizures.

Harris began taking the cannabis extracts in January of 2017 after suffering his 14th seizure. In his sophomore year of high school he was officially diagnosed with epilepsy and since landing on the cannabis oil, the convulsions have totally gone away. Since Marijuana is a banned substance in the NCAA, his team has little cause to seek an exception, since a single concession could create a wave of ramifications. Unfortunately for Harris, it was the Auburn Program that proved most futile, airing on the side of caution instead of pleading his case.

Harris will seek playing time at junior colleges and NAIA programs next season, where the same rules apply. The young football player is steadfast in his pursuit of alternatives to the cannabis oil which has proven so effective. His dream of playing college football is something he feels is worth fighting over, whether in the NCAA or in some other Collegiate association.