Atlanta rapper Columbia BT is being accused of trafficking over $4 million worth of cocaine by the state's district attorney's office. Columbia nee Tommie Walker was indicted on charges stemming from a multi-state distribution stream alongside another person suspected of spearheading the whole operation, Samuel Anchondo-Galaviz. The indictment was issued on September 12th, while both men were properly arraigned before a grand jury on September 21st.

"These defendants were allegedly part of a multi-state drug distribution scheme that transported and distributed cocaine worth approximately $4 million," said U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak with both men in attendance. "Thanks to the work of law enforcement in Georgia, South Carolina, and Colorado, this drug enterprise is now history."

The Department of Justice claims that Walker used his budding drug ring to finance his vocational interest in rapping. Walker was thus reportedly able to launder his money through a less conspicuous means like BMF had done with Bleu DaVinci in the mid-2000s. The DA believes Tommie Walker was running a warehouse in the Atlanta-area where he received cargo in the form of tractor trailers, one of which driven by Samuel Anchondo-Galaviz was apprehended on its way to the facility. The DA is believed to have monitored his activities for some time, with the help of the DEA and other dragnets tasked with staying on top of narco-circulation.