A simple tweet about makeup has sparked an unlikely beef. Makeup careers are on the rise as more people are dipping their toes into being social media influencers and on celebrities "glam squads," and as the years have rolled forward, prices have gone up. Asian Doll (or Asian Da Brat) has taken issue with the costs of makeup artists these days and she took to Twitter to complain.

"If you charge over $150 to do a face of makeup you can go to hell respectfully," she wrote, prompting responses that included a mention from social media influencer and makeup artist James Charles. "What a stupid tweet," he said. "1 foundation can cost $50, artists have to buy EVERY SHADE for their kit, & thats just the first step. Its expensive to work as a MUA. Either pay an artists rate for their time & skill, do it yourself OR get it done at a counter and risk looking busted."

Asian Doll quickly replied, telling him to mind his business because this was "hood" and he's "Hollywood." She told him, "What a dumb ass to be in my business replying to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you... im having a debate about HOOD PRICES Baby stay over there in HOLLYWOOD where they having you looking GHOST."

As the pair of celebrities beef, fans of the rapper pushed her to argue with Charles but he seems to have shirked away from continuing to engage with Doll. Check out bits from their exchange below.