Ashanti and Ja Rule were each responsible for more than a few early aughts hits, but nothing connected with audiences more than when they collaborated. Neither of the former-Murder Inc. artists have been very present on the charts for the last few years, partly to do with Ja Rule's recent bid in Prison.

With Ja now a free man, we may be seeing a reunion between the two frequent collaborators, according to Ashanti. “I spoke to [Ja] the other day and I’m super, super excited for him,” said the R&B singer. “He is in great spirits…He has a studio downstairs in the house. That’s where he’s gonna be all the time. He’s super excited about the music…Hopefully, we get it all popping. It’s no denying our chemistry...I mean, he has to focus on his stuff right now. And I gotta focus on mine.”

Ashanti let go of some details from her upcoming album, BraveHeart. “I collaborated with a lot of people,” she revealed. “I did some stuff with Cool & Dre. I did some stuff with Detail, he’s super dope, just recently. Meek, French…Me and Ja’s gonna Skype. That’s what I’ll do and I’ll play him some records.”

Ashanti's BraveHeart will be out July 30th.

Watch the full interview below.

[UPDATE: Ja Rule & Ashanti Spotted In The Studio]

It's official - Ja Rule and Ashanti are collaborating on new music. Last night, the latter posted an Instagram photo of them in the lab with the ecstatic caption: "Uhh ohhhhh me & my bro @ruleyorkcity in the lizzaaaabbbbb!!!!!!! We haven’t seen each other in 4ever!!! & it feels great!!!"

Peep the evidence in the gallery above, as well as the video for "Always On Time" below.

Who's looking forward to this?