The nineties nostalgia wave continues like a Fox Kids binge. While many recognize the early nineties years as one of hip-hop's glorious eras, many of today's talents have looked back to projects like Illmatic, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Enter The Wu-Tang, and Life After Death for inspiration. That's not to say that rappers today aren't putting out quality material; there simply lacks a certain sonic aesthetic driven by a zeitgeist long gone. However, there are those intent on recreating the iconic vibe, the legendary Juicy J among them. After all, his collective Three 6 Mafia burst onto the scene in 1994, so memories of the early-game grind aren't exactly lost on him.

For his endeavours, Juicy has tapped A$AP Rocky, who seems unhinged to linear timelines; the man seems to have one toe in past waters, while the other makes ripples in the future. In any case, Rocky and Juicy J have linked up to revisit 1994, and perhaps stop by the Ace Ventura Pet Detective premiere mid-voyage. While we're not sure if this collaboration is meant for Juicy or Rocky, we're merely glad it exists at all. As somebody who enjoyed the experimental stylings of Testing, more Rocky is surely a welcome notion.

Shout out to Juicy J for this one.