Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She's gained a following in the hundreds of millions with people flocking to all of her new releases. The young starlet just dropped a new album and it's done extremely well, helping her break records and creep into the hearts of so many all over again. Her most recent hit single, "7 Rings," came with its fair share of controversy. At first, fans were confused how she could clear a sample as prominent as "My Favorite Things." The classical tune is vital to the mix, with Ariana switching her lyrics in the hook to flex her diamonds and jewels. Once people tuned into the video, Ariana was accused of biting Soulja Boy's flow, 2 Chainz' visual work and Princess Nokia's style. All bases were covered with the "Favorite Things" inspiration though because as it turns out, Ariana isn't even going to be making much money off the track.

While 10% of her "7 Rings" earnings is probably still somewhere in the millions, it is being reported that Rodgers & Hammerstein, the songwriting group behind "My Favorite Things," is being paid 90% of the royalties from the track. Once you factor in the money that's going to the label, Grande is making a tiny percentage of money from the hit song. 

According to Daily Mail, "7 Rings" credits a total of ten writers, which include Rodgers & Hammerstein as well as Grande herself. An agreement was made between Republic Records and the organization that owns Rodgers & Hammerstein's catalog before the song was released to ensure they could use the song as inspiration. As reported by the New York Times, no counteroffers were made after the group asked for 90% royalties. Both sides agreed on it and the song was released.