Last night, Ariana Grande dropped her latest song after the success of "Thank U, Next." She had been teasing the release of "7 Rings" for some time and now, it's out and some people seem to think it sounds similar to one of Soulja Boy's most popular songs.

Of course, the comparison likely wouldn't have even been made if not for Soulja's resurgence this week. The rapper has been in the game for a decade and he's spent much of this week sonning literally everybody, taking the credit for their accomplishments. Drako may want 5% from every single rapper in the world but when it comes to Ariana Grande's new song, some of his fans think he should be getting a cut.

There is no denying that Soulja Boy's rise to fame has been mimicked by many. He is basically the father of the internet as long as hip-hop is concerned. After one Soulja supporter decided to inspect the similarities, they found that when "Pretty Boy Swag" is sped up, it sounds identical to Ariana's new chorus. Or, at least the flow does. "7 Rings" is definitely inspired by current trends in rap. You can hear that in the production with all the hi-hats. However, the Soulja Boy connection may still be a reach.

What do you think?