With all of the fuss around Ariana Grande's whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson, some of the attention has been taken away from the fact that she's dropping a new album very soon. In an effort to correct this, and as a birthday present to all her fans, Ariana released a new music video for a brand new song, titled, "Raindrops."

According to The Fader, the song will be the intro to the album, which might explain the tracks sparse nature. The song features no instrumentation whatsoever. Instead, Ariana pushes her voice to the limit, as she sings about sadness and tears. The video itself is equally as bare as the song, with Ariana posted on a stone staircase in a massive, featureless stone room. The camera begins with an upside down shot of Ariana, referencing Sweetener's cover art almost exactly. Being upside down seems to a major theme of the album, as Ariana has been known to write in upside down letter in her tweets and Instagram posts. 

This new video doesn't come too long after the release of a completely different music video for the Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj team up track, "The Light Is Coming." If you're interested in watching Ariana and Nicki dance in the dark, go check that out. She also dropped another preview of a prelude, named after her fiance Pete Davidson.

Sweetener isn't dropping until August 17th, but what we've heard of the album so far is extremely promising. Check out the music video for "Raindrops" below.