Pete Davidson has reached a dramatic point in his social media expression. The entertainer posted a disturbing message that was deleted shortly after its upload. His laments were up long enough to worry his following and the sentiment of concern was shared by Ariana Grande, his former fiancée.

The pop singer, who recently called off their engagement after the loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, acknowledged that she might not be the person he needs for support but pledged her support anyway via Twitter.

Gotham/GC Images

Ariana tweeted, "man i’m so sorry i told a dumb joke. i really didn’t mean any harm. all i want everyone to be healthy and happy. so desperately. please. my god."

A few minutes later with a message, she continued with another message that implied they were both at the same location:

"I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. I know u have everyone u need and that’s not me, but i’m here too."

Pete post prompted an outpour of encouragement from his fans. He still opted to delete his Instagram account altogether. His last uploaded included the following words: "All I've ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so."