Antonio Brown's antics in Oakland have been nothing short of spectacular unless your actually a fan of the Raiders then they've been the worst thing in the world. The last 24 hours have been wild as it was reported that Brown could be suspended and even cut by the team after an altercation with Raiders general manager Mike Mayock. There were even reports that Brown threatened to punch Mayock and even called him a "cracker." Earlier today, another report surfaced saying Brown had apologized to the team and would even get to play on Monday.

The latest update coming out of Raiders camp comes from Brown himself as he spoke to ESPN's Dianna Russini about the alleged altercation. As Russini reports, Brown denied ever calling Mayock a "cracker" and that the exchange of words was much calmer than the media originally reported.

It's interesting to see Brown downplay the alleged altercation especially when you consider he offered such an emotional apology this morning. For now, it seems like Brown wants to keep things hush-hush before he ruins his chances of playing on Monday against the Denver Broncos. The Raiders need as much help as they can get and Brown is certainly a big part of that.

Business is boomin' once more in Oakland.