Back in September, Antonio Brown was accused of rape by his former trainer Britney Taylor. Taylor claims Brown sexually assaulted her on three separate occasions between 2017 and 2018 which is something AB has adamantly denied. Around the same time as these allegations, Taylor launched a lawsuit against Brown and since then, the wide receiver has been investigated by the league, while remaining as an embattled free agent.

According to ESPN, Brown and his legal team are now countersuing Taylor for defamation. "In summary, after enduring a failed business endeavor and also failing to gain the relationship status she desired with Brown, Taylor began a vicious campaign of lies and deceit targeting Brown both personally and professionally," the legal documents say.

Mark Brown/Getty Images

Brown's legal team also believe this whole lawsuit has significantly damaged Brown's reputation which will keep him from getting paid in the future. "Taylor's acts have all but ruined Brown's career, causing him to lose a number of substantial and lucrative business contracts, and impacting the public persona in such a manner as to cause Brown and his family significant personal and financial harm," the docs continue.

Taylor's legal representation has already responded to the countersuit saying this is an intimidation tactic and that Brown is blaming his accuser for his own actions. For now, it seems like both cases are up in the air and as time goes on, this legal battle could begin to get messier.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.