Antonio Brown is reportedly expected to show up to the Oakland Raiders' training camp in Napa on Tuesday, but judging from his most recent tweet, he is still in search of a helmet that fits his needs.

If you haven't been following the AB training camp saga, the attention has shifted from his frostbitten feet to his refusal to wear a new helmet. In short, Brown's old helmet that he used in Pittsburgh is no longer approved by the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment), and he has threatened to retire because of it. After an arbitrator ruled in favor the league, Brown is now tasked with finding a version of his preferred helmet that is less than 10 years old.

On Tuesday, the 31-year old receiver took to twitter to ask for some help finding the specific helmet model, a Schutt Air Advantage (Adult Large) that was manufactured in 2010 or after. In exchange, AB says he's willing to trade an autographed, practice-worn Oakland Raiders helmet.

Naturally, the responses began flooding in immediately. For example:

"Check Craigslist under “clown clothes”"

"You should be looking for a mental hospital and maybe some foot cream"

"I am looking for something that is worth quitting my job over. In exchange I will scribble my name on something I hate for you."

"I’d rather you just keep to your word and never play football again."

Check out some of the instant reactions to AB's helmet search below.