Andre Iguodala made an appearance on The Breakfast Club today where he promoted his new book and even talked about basketball and his career. At one point, the subject changed to injuries and Iguodala got pretty talkative as he snitched on the entire Golden State Warriors organization for how they treat players with injuries. The Warriors medical staff was put into question lately thanks to their handling of the Kevin Durant situation who ultimately went down with a ruptured Achilles after coming back to action too quickly.

In the interview, Iguodala explains how he had a fractured leg last year and that the team was telling the media it was a bone bruise. Since the injury was being referred to something less than it was, he felt pressured to come back which is something he knows KD was feeling.

Per Iguodala:

"Last year it happened to me. I missed the last three games of the Houston series, it goes to Game 7. We barely get out of that series and now you looking at me like 'when you coming back?' And I had a fractured leg and but it's being put out there like you got a bone bruise. Like 'no, it’s a fracture.' So I’m fighting with the team, I'm fighting with people, I'm fighting with the media. Then my teammates ask me everyday 'How you feeling? How you feeling?' So with K[evin Durant], he getting it from everywhere too: 'How you feeling? How you feeling?' — not just from the team, but from family and people close to him."

Considering Iguodala's revelation, it puts Durant's injury into perspective, with some fans wanting punishment for the Warriors and how they've put their players in compromising positions.

You can watch the full interview below.