Over the last few years, the Golden State Warriors have been a dynasty as they've won three NBA Championships and have been to five straight Finals. Steve Kerr was the head coach of the team for all of these seasons but before him, it was Mark Jackson who was fired back in 2014. Despite being considered an incredible head coach, Jackson hasn't been able to find work in the league and today, Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala explained why he thinks that is.

Iguodala has been promoting his new book and visited Chalamagne Tha God and the Breakfast Club to do so. During the interview, he mentioned Jackson and how he believes the coach was blackballed from the league for his religious views and opinions on homosexuality.

"One particular issue was -- from what I heard -- was his views on gender, or marriage, or what the bible said on your sexuality," Iguodala noted. He also explained how the team's executive, Rick Welts, was openly gay and this created some friction within the organization.

When Jason Collins came out as openly gay in 2013, Jackson went on record saying "As a Christian man, I have beliefs of what’s right and what’s wrong. That being said, I know Jason Collins, I know his family, and am certainly praying for them at this time."

What are your thoughts on this situation? Has Jackson been unfairly treated by the league? Let us know.