For better or worse, Kanye West's recent Twitter storm has led to a veritable outrage. Be it general fortune cookie musings, or straight up Trump endorsement. His alignment with the POTUS has led to plenty of notable unfollows. Some of which even came from friend and collaborator alike. Case in point, Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and more were quick to cut the chord; read more on that right here. With a plethora of Yeezy-helmed releases around the corner, it's truly hard to separate reality from publicity stunt. Admittedly, Kanye is the talk of the town, even if he is allowing himself to become hip-hop's latest punching bag.

It truly is a testament to Kanye's star power. Consider all the entertainers who took the time to respond to his latest antics. Pundits, socialites, and musicians alike voiced their concerns over Kanye's tweetstorm. The politically-inclined wasted little time in turning it into a right vs. left battle of free speech and values. The musically inclined seemed to be particularly judgmental, as if they won't be helping Yeezy break streaming records on June 1st. Some have simply sat back and enjoyed the chaos. 

Is it trolling? Is it legitimate? Honestly, who the hell knows. Either way, the game has Kanye on the mind. Perhaps that's exactly how he likes it.