Alexis Skyy spent all of last week in the hospital and she seemingly back her way back after this past weekend's clubbing activities. The Love & Hip Hop star was partying near 617 Social Lounge in Atlanta on Sunday night when all the club lights turned on after the sounds of gunshots. The people that occupied the venue quickly tried to clear out and Alexis Skyy was one of them who couldn't move as fast due to an injured foot. 

In a clip obtained by TMZ, you can see that Alexis was wobbling her way of the club and at one point, someone from her crew lifted her up and carried her out. The publication details how she went to the ER and doctors told her nothing was broken and there was no serious sprain. As for the gunshots, the loud sounds were a false alarm and luckily no shots were fired. 

Alexis was previously in the hospital after her and Fetty Wap's one-year-old daughter had to undergo emergency brain surgery. The little cutie made it out on the other side and Alexis shared a photo of her smiling face in the hospital bed. 

"I got so much catching up to do my first quarter wasn't to start like this, but it's okay god puts things on hold," she captioned the image. "I got a few more songs to finish."