There are some people who truly believe that squashing grudges is overrated. As it happens, Akademiks stands among that group, having allowed his long-running rivalry with Nav to fester into something truly unwieldy. At every turn, at every waking hour, Ak sees Nav-like shadows lurking. It's almost comical to see the extent of his disdain for the Canadian rapper, who originally sparked the feud back in December of 2019 when he accused the media personality of "dick riding." 

DJ Akademiks

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Since then, Ak has shown no mercy for Nav, using every opportunity to belittle his name and music alike. Today, Ak even took it upon himself to draw an interesting correlation, effectively blaming Lil Uzi Vert's lack of BET Award Nominations on Nav's "Leaders" guest appearance. "Uzi ain’t get a BET award nomination for Best album or best male hip hop artist...SMH," writes Ak, expressing his disappointment. "I told y’all him putting Nav on Leaders is why ... tragic."

At this moment, Nav has yet to respond to Ak's latest slight, though many of his fans have already stood up on his behalf. And while it's clear that Ak was merely having a laugh, as the idea that BET would snub Lil Uzi Vert's Eternal Atake over a Nav feature is absurd to say the least. Still, there's amusement to be derived amidst these petty antics, and one has to wonder if the pair will ever be able to find peace in this troubled age of ours. Perhaps they've gotta link up for a face-to-face, in which grievances are aired beyond the comforts of a computer screen.