There has been an update on our last article about the ongoing Ahmaud Arbery investigation as the family of the slain young man and their defense team has reportedly received more information regarding the mysterious note that was discovered at Ahmaud’s memorial. 

The anonymous note was found at the Glynn County, Georgia memorial site earlier this week where Arbery was fatally shot back in February, and a local news station captured a message that read, “Ahmaud, I am so sorry. I should have stopped them. I am so sorry.” The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) made a statement earlier this week alleging they had identified the person who had left the note and determined they were not connected to the murder. Ahmaud Arbery’s defense squad, however, has evidence that disproves this conclusion, a new report reveals. 

Ahmaud Arbery
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Ahmaud’s attorneys have received an anonymous tip, that they believe to be credible, from a person that claims the person who left the note actually does have ties to The McMichaels, the father-son duo responsible for the murder. Attorney Lee Merritt shared the news in a report to TMZ, despite what the GBI had previously stated. The anonymous tipper claims the letter originated from Brunswick and the handwriting on the note stood out to them. 

The tip has been shared with the GBI and the D.A.’s office, who have also been receiving additional tips and inquiries about the note. 

Ahmaud Arbery’s team intends to pursue the death penalty for The McMichaels.