Action Bronson had a great 2015. He released the well-received Mr. Wonderful, which was chock full of fantastic features. He also continued his hilarious Munchies’ show “Fuck, That’s Delicious” on YouTube.

The rapper and host had previously announced his show would be coming to cable television via an interview with us. Action Bronson’s show was garnering millions of views on each episode, so it’s no surprise the show got selected from the vast Vice lineup to make the jump onto its new network Viceland. Now via a tweet from the rapper we have a final release date for the show.

For those who are unfamiliar, Munchies is a Vice offshoot that focuses exclusively on food. They enlisted Action Bronson to host his own show, which would eventually be called “Fuck, That’s Delicious.” In the show, Action and his crew travel the country performing shows and visiting every hole-in-the-wall joint along the way. Bronson used to be a cook and actually had his own YouTube show “Action in the Kitchen” just as his rap career was taking off. He chops that onion with the quickness!

Director Spike Jonze, whose last work was 2013’s Her, is overseeing the network. Hopefully he can keep sending Bronson to places with delicious shit to eat. The network will launch next month, but for now check out the original trailer from "Fuck, That's Delicious" below.