Bronsolini jumped on Twitter to announce his latest single off his forthcoming White Bronco release. The single "Prince Charming," produced by Knxwledge, comes complete with yet multi-disciplinary oeuvre from his truly, an MS-painted cover piece depicting a disfiguration. 

"Prince Charming" is the second offering from Action Bronson's White Bronco project dropping on November 1st via EMPIRE. The Albanian-American is excited to get down to business after enduring a year-long "custody battle" with his former Atlantic. 

Besides his album rollout for White Bronco, Action Bronson has been busy plugging his wine-beer product called Stillwater Action Bronson 7000. If a wine-beer sounds perplexing that's because it's something new to the "gastro-market." Bronson and his partner Brian Strumke of Stillwater artisinal, are hopeful he wine-beer hybrid will corner the "foodie" market as a food-pairable beverage to go along with any degustation. Action Bronson is positioning himself to be the grimiest food connoisseur this side of Manhattan.

But on the musical side of things, it's nice to see Bronsolini back in a position where he feels energized and unobstructed. As another aside, Action Bronson has been chosen to play a secondary role in the forthcoming Martin Scorsese's film The Irishman starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.