“MotorSport,” the first single off Migos’ highly anticipated CULTURE 2 album came as somewhat of a surprise, mainly because it teamed up Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, two New York-raised female MCs that had seemingly been at odds (or at least, at sub-odds). While the lyrics of “MotorSport” have been analyzed heavily to uncover any would-be shots sent from either direction to either female MC, generally, the two seem to be on good terms.

Nicki is doing her fair share of promotion for the single, and today, she reposted a video of Odell Beckham Jr. having a good ol’ time as he turns up to Ms. Minaj’s verse, rapping along with her lyrics. Evidently pleased that he decided to share this particular part of the song with his fans, Nicki shared it with her fans as well, saying “When you’re secure enough in who you are to turn up to a female rapper.” The caption doesn’t end there, though. Nicki proceeds to do her best trolling maneuver, as she calls out Odell and Brad Wing (Odell’s best friend and Giants’ punter), for apparently not providing her tickets to one of his games. Also, worth noting– she slides in a sneaky reference to an anonymous  “bae”– who might that be??? 

Nicki writes, “memba when u & Brad lied & said y’all was sending me & bae tkts to the game?” All is well, though, as she adds, “it’s ok, @obj we’re praying for you to get better so we can come support.”

Odell Beckham Jr. suffered an ankle injury earlier in the NFL season, which he ended up being hospitalized for (and incidentally, received a visit from the 6 God while in the hospital).

Nicki must know what she’s doing though, with that “bae” comment, right? What do you guys think? Sound off for who you think Nicki’s “bae” is.

Check out her Instagram post and caption in full below.