Big K.R.I.T is up to something. This past week, he stirred up conversation after he was dropping pictures on social media with three letters on them. Eventually, the pictures spelled the title of his latest single “Confetti” which dropped last night. However, he spent the majority of the year pretty quiet aside from one or two solo joints and a couple other songs he jumped on. Alas, it seems like he’s in roll-out mode for an upcoming project. But, just like the roll-out for his latest single, it’s all pretty mysterious. 

The rapper dropped a trailer earlier today where he previewed some new music. The production is pretty minimalist with not much percussion going on. However, it does give K.R.I.T some space to breathe and air out all of his thoughts. He opens up his verse with “My creator gave me the gift of creating/ It’s mind to mind and part of our escaping/ An atmosphere couldn’t hold our weight/ If I leave from here, I’ll call when I’m safe/ Knockin’ on the door, hoping someone answers/ Call that faith.”

As he raps that, the clip shows K.R.I.T as he shoots someone in his house and then follows him as he puts the body in the car and eventually drags it to a forest, where he buries the corpse. The twist in the whole thing is at the end of the video, he’s burying a lifeless version of himself.  

On his social media accounts, he posted a brief clip of the trailer with the caption “Those people who tried to bury you didn’t know you were a seed. THE REBIRTH.” Considering there’s unheard music, it’s looking like he’s hinting at an upcoming project.

Right now, everything is looking like a matter of timing for Big K.R.I.T. In August, his manager tweeted that K.R.I.T.’s album is done. Last week, he and Dizzy Wright unveiled the video for their August-released single “Outrageous.” Shortly after that, he began the mysterious roll-out for “Confetti”. While he hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming project, he’s been seen in the studio with 8Ball & MJG.

 Watch the trailer below: