Lebron James’ production company, Uninterrupted, debuted a “The Carter Effect” at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. While he’s definitely a staple in the NBA, there’s no doubt that he had a large influence in Toronto as well. Before Drake was repping the 6ix, Vince Carter helped bring more attention to the Canadian city. Now, Uninterrupted has dropped a 20 minute sit-down between Drake, Lebron James and former-Raptor Chris Bosh where they talk Vince Carter’s influence on Toronto and basketball and more.

Drake explained the impact of Vince Carter had in Toronto. Drake explains that once Carter made his way into the city, he helped bring traction that was never seen before. He says that the era of Vince Carter in Toronto is a time marker for him.

“When Vince was popping in the city, we had nightclubs that seemed larger than life. We had celebrities coming to our city and performing that would’ve never been here before. We had rappers and people from here that were acting like we were in New York. People were driving different cars and starting businesses—he created a culture for us that we had only seen on television.” Drake said.

While Drake was never a baller, for Lebron, Carter’s influence was present while he was an aspiring ball player.

“For a kid like myself who started to find his way with some sort of athleticism, you looked at Vince like… damn, I ain’t gonna be able to get to that point, but if I could get half or three fourths of it, you know, then I’m doing something right.” James said, “Vince took it to another level when you talk about flying. We ain’t never seen something like that.”

While his impact touched both the NBA and Toronto, Chris Bosh elaborated on his time that he spent playing for the Raptors.

“Toronto made me feel welcome, feel special. People will recognize me and show love and everything. You go to the states, it’s a little different. It was one of those strange things where my family and friends would come in town and they’d be blown away just by how many people would come to an appearance or a game.” Bosh says.

You could watch the full video below:


Drake, Lebron James & Chris Bosh

Drake, Lebron James & Chris Bosh Talk Vince Carter's Influence