This past year, French Montana leveled up in the music industry with his record “Unforgettable“. French and his collaborator, Swae Lee, went to Uganda to shoot the video and later on revealed that he helped build a hospital for children and women there. While French has maintained humility when discussing his philanthropic work, Diddy has been gushing over it.

Ellen brought French and Diddy through to speak on their relationship, how they met and French’s charity work. French says the foundation of their relationship was built after the two met in Vegas and Diddy later invited him on his PJ to head back to New York. However, Diddy intervened to let everyone know that while his work ethic impressed him, it’s how he got to his position is why he has so much love for him

“Check this, my brother started out in Africa. Imagine being in Africa with a dream to be a hip hop star,” Diddy continues “He came from Morocco, came and moved to New York, kept hustling and bustling and got on my radar. I see him, I’m like I have to have him on the team… He’s like a hot commodity, he’s being humble. He makes great music and that’s what we here for and that’s what it’s about… He’s a special artist and he’s like my best friend so I’ma always speak love about him.” 

Later on French was asked about his charity work in Uganda. While French seemed shy when speaking on the topic, he explained how he ended up building a hospital there.

“We went to Uganda, last year before we did Unforgettable. I went there into this little hospital they had there,” he says, “We went there and there was like two rooms in this one little hospital for 300,000 people and after that I said, you know what, we gotta help people one day at a time.”

However, Diddy seen just how humble French was when talking about it so he decided to give a short synopsis.

“Let me give y’all an abbreviated version. This man is so humble he can’t even talk about himself comfortably. He went to Uganda, saw they didn’t have a hospital and he went and built a hospital. There’s some people in life who don’t like to speak about what they do, and that’s this man right here.” Diddy said to a crowd full of applause.

The two also hopped on Ellen’s stage together to do a special medley of “Unforgettable” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Check the interview and performance below.