Blac Youngsta tries and he tried hard to locate his softer side. The video for “Forever” puts the rapper’s whole romantic life into perspective. With a real baddie by his side, he lists off the cherishable moments he hopes to live out, at one point putting a blind fold over her eyes forcing her to visualize for herself. 

The video is noted for a couple meme-worthy moments like when Blac Youngsta picks up a gift wrapped puppy and hands it to his shorty. There’s also a Victorian Courtyard where the couple exchange vows, a picnic replete with lemons, seltzer water, and carnation flowers, and a little tanning bed next to the kiddies pool. Strong scene building like this, has a sedative affect on the viewer or listener.

I can honestly say without prejudice, that if Blac Youngsta wants to “rip the runway,” he has my full endorsement. Check the video and hit the comment section with your thoughts and feels.

2.23 is out now. Go get it.