Ice Cube Tells Kendrick Lamar To Stay Ready Amidst Drake Battle

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Recording artist Kendrick Lamar (R) recieves the award for the Best Rap Album, To Pimp A Butterfly as Ice Cube looks on onstage during the 58th Annual Grammy music Awards in Los Angeles February 15, 2016. AFP PHOTO/ ROBYN BECK / AFP / ROBYN BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)
One LA legend advising another.

Ice Cube knows a thing or two about rap battles. "No Vaseline," his takedown of N.W.A, is still lauded as one of the greatest disses of all time. Cube recently asserted that it is the greatest. That doesn't mean he can't recognize the talent of others. The rapper has been complimentive of Kendrick Lamar throughout his career. He admired the way the Compton legend handled his recent confrontation with Drake. That being said, Ice Cube has some words of wisdom for Lamar. As far as he's concerned, the battle is far from over.

Ice Cube recently went on the Big Pod with Shaq to discuss the beef. He came down as team Lamar, and admitted that his West Coast peer was the clear winner. So far, at least. Cube shocked some listeners by suggesting that the beef was ongoing. "I always approve of rap battles that's the essence of the game," he told the host. "I think Kendrick is up, he's landed the more hard & effective punches." This is agreed upon in the music world. Especially after the one-two punch of "Meet the Grahams" and "Not Like Us" took over the charts. Ice Cube didn't want K. Dot to get ahead of himself, though. He felt Drake was an opponent worth taking seriously.

Ice Cube Thinks Drake Still Has A Chance To Win

So seriously, in fact, that the rapper claimed Drake could still turn things around. "[It] don't mean Drake cant get off the canvas," Cube asserted. "If I was Kendrick I'd stay cocked and loaded…." This is a unique stance to take in light of Drake's recent moves. The Toronto rapper claimed he was finished with the beef on "The Heart Part 6." He's dropped music unrelated to the beef, and has leaned more into his pop-rap bag, much to the chagrin of people who were team 6 God. "Wah Gwan Delilah" was a particularly bizarre move.

Still, Ice Cube could be right on the money. Drake might just be biding time, and putting Kendrick Lamar at ease before he strikes again. The thing is, Lamar has already followed Cube's advice. He teased the notion of having more disses ready on "Not Like Us." Five disses, in fact. "How many stocks do I really have in stock? Ayy," he rapped. "One, two, three, four, five, plus five, ayy." A twitter user asked whether Dot had disses ready to go, and his affiliate Coolee Bravo confirmed the claim by tweeting "5."

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