"Bernie Mac Show" Star Camille Winbush Is Now Doing OnlyFans After Residuals From The Show Stopped

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Camille is not ashamed of how she makes a living.

Years have passed since Camille Winbush's OnlyFans account became well-known. The actress from The Bernie Mac Show has come under fire for choosing to use the site. She has now disclosed the reasons for her career's choice. “People that are outside of the acting world have no place to speak on it,” she told Comedy Hype. “When people are saying, ‘Oh, those Bernie Mac checks must have dried up.’ I’m like, ‘From a job 20 years ago when I was a 12-year-old? Yeah.’ Like, duh.”

She stated that her residual payments “get smaller and smaller every year. You’re not making the same amount that you were when the show was current, per episode.”  she continued, saying, “Twenty years later, those checks are not sustainable for a living.” She added, “If I can find a way to make enough to buy a home from the comfort and safety of my own living room, why wouldn’t I do that?” Overall, Camille Winbush sees no problem with it and is doing what she has to do.

"Bernie Mac Show" Star Camille Winbush On Her OnlyFans Account

Last year, Camille Winbush responded to internet critics who targeted her and her co-star on The Bernie Mac Show, Dee Dee Davis, who also has an OnlyFans page. Winbush and Davis, respectively, portrayed Mac's kids, Bryana "Babygirl" Thomkins and Vanessa Thomkins. “The trolls are hungry again so here’s some food for thought—I’ve never been arrested, never been on drugs, don’t have any baby daddies, I pay all my taxes, I drink water, and mind the business that pays me,” Winbush tweeted.

In order to make a sustainable life, some former actresses have been forced to use OnlyFans. The Sopranos actress Drea de Matteo disclosed earlier this year that she used the platform as a resource while she was going through both emotional and financial difficulties. “OnlyFans saved my life, 100 percent,” she told Daily Mail. "I can't believe I'm saying that, but it really did save us. Anybody that wants to condemn me and put me down, go for it. I just hope you never find yourself in the position I was in to take care of two little kids." Overall, these women are doing what they need to. If their was no demand there would be no supply.


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