Jay-Z Called “Cap” On Alleged Beanie Sigel Betrayal, Joe Budden Reveals

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According to Joe Budden, he received a text from Jay-Z shortly after discussing the testimony on his podcast.

As of late, fans have been looking back on Beanie Sigel's 2004 attempted murder trial, and calling Jay-Z's allegedly shady testimony into question. According to former Roc-A-Fella rapper Oschino, while he took the stand, it didn't do much to help Sigel out. Earlier this month, he told Say Cheese that when asked whether or not he was willing to be held legally responsible for Sigel's actions, Jay-Z told the judge no.

Of course, this prompted a debate about whether or not Jay-Z was in the wrong for this. It even prompted a discussion on The Joe Budden Podcast. For the most part, Budden and his co-hosts agreed that they would have done the same thing if they were in his position, and didn't blame him for opting out of liability. They did wonder why Jay-Z decided to come to court in the first place if he wasn't willing to vouch for Sigel fully, however.

Joe Budden Recalls Jay-Z's Text

Now, during another recent podcast episode, Budden revealed that he got a text from Jay-Z about the segment after it went live. According to him, upon reading it, he suspected that the mogul was under the influence. "He says cap, the story's cap," the personality explained. “He said, 'Some sh*t so st*pid, you think it won’t grow legs but then you n***as…'” Budden went on to apologize for discussing it, jokingly dubbing himself a "rat" and noting how it's none of his business.

While Jay-Z seemingly denies refusing to vouch for Sigel on the stand, Oschino insisted that he saw it first-hand, and said he was taken aback by it. “I was just thinking, ‘What did he come to court for then?’ If I got a homie and all I gotta say is, ‘I’m responsible for him for him to get out,’ I’m saying it every time," he argued. What do you think of Joe Budden claiming that Jay-Z texted him about his podcast segment on his testimony at Beanie Sigel's attempted murder trial? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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