Lil Yachty Claims Drake Rarely Listens To Music Outside Of The Studio

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Aubrey has a unique process.

Drake puts out lots of music. The rapper's biggest detractors have concede that he's a hard worker who has dropped nearly every year for a decade. Given his tireless recording, and his versatility within genres, one might assume that Drake is listening to music nonstop. The rapper's buddy, Lil Yachty set the record straight, however, during a recent Complex interview. Lil Yachty claimed that Drake takes a very different approach to recording than he does, in that Drake rarely listens to music when he isn't making it.

This revelation came about during a conversation between Yachty and James Blake. The two artists are working on a collab album together, and discussing the ways in which they create. Lil Yachty is probably the most famous Drake fan in the world (sorry Akademiks), so it makes sense that he would bring up the 6 God in the discussion. "When I started hanging with him a lot, he rarely listens to music," Yachty noted. "Except for like, when he's recording." The rapper uses himself as a counterpoint, claiming that he wakes up and plays music throughout the majority of his day. "Driving, music," he asserted. "Showering, music. Eating, music."

Drake Prefers Talking When He's Not Recording New Music

Drake, on the other hand, prefers conversation to music. "He's more, like a, talking type of person," Lil Yachty posited. "Music when it's time to record. Sometimes he plays music in the car, but sometimes he'll ride in silence." The last point is especially interesting, given the proliferation of Drake's music as "driving music." It's how the "Drake and drive" meme from the 2010s originated. Lil Yachty went on to say that the 6 God's unique approach made him realize that each artist has a different process. "Before we got as close, I thought all musicians were like me," he admitted. "And music was just like, everyday, everything."

James Blake, who mostly listens in the clip, shares Drake's musical methodology. He told Yachty that he doesn't listen to music all day, and prefers to save his musical attention for the recording studio. Fittingly, James Blake and Drake have worked exceptionally well together over the years. Blake sang the outro on the beloved 2014 Drake loosie "0 to 100 / The Catch Up," and Blake remixed Drizzy's "Come Thru" back in 2013. The latter was released on the official OVO Soundcloud.

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