Woman Accuses Trey Songz Of Assaulting Her Friend At A Club

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The singer allegedly crossed a line.

Diddy was not the only mainstream artist who was accused of assault on May 21. Trey Songz was also named as the perpetrator of a sexual assault that took place an undisclosed amount of time ago. The R&B superstar was not formally charged with a crime, however, as the accusation came from a social media user who claimed to be a friend of the alleged victim.

The accusation against Trey Songz was actually sparked by a previous accusation made against the singer. Winter Blanco accused Songz of sexually assaulting her during a March 2024 appearance on Behind the Likes. The woman who came forward with this latest accusation quote tweeted Blanco's interview and used it as the jumping off point for the assault her friend allegedly experienced. "I’ll never forget Trey Songz was mad drunk and lit in booby," the user @imdrinaa wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Trey Songz Allegedly Forced Himself On A Clubgoer

The user then claimed that the singer forced himself upon her friend (who is not named). "He sexually assaulted my friend by making out with her. She was in such freeze mode because she didn’t know him at all." The account turned even more harrowing with specific details of what Trey Songz allegedly did. "Wasn’t even no flirting going on. He just randomly turned around and kissed her ending it by spitting in her mouth. She was so disgusted she left the section with her money on the floor." The user added that her friend got a tonsil infection shortly after the encounter.

@Imdrinaa concluded her statement by noting that charges were never filed. "Never reported it though," she wrote. There were some X followers who were skeptical of the lack of detail surrounding the incident, but others believed it on the basis of Songz's reputation. Three separate women accused the singer of sexually assaulting them between 2016 and 2021. Trey Songz has denied all accusations, and has never been charged. Las Vegas police dropped the most recent sexual assault investigation in April 2022, with the caveat that it could be reopened with new evidence.

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