Diddy Sued By Woman Who Alleges He Drugged And Assaulted Her

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WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 20: Sean "Diddy" Combs attends Sean "Diddy" Combs Fulfills $1 Million Pledge To Howard University At Howard Homecoming – Yardfest at Howard University on October 20, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images for Sean "Diddy" Combs)
The mogul has been accused of additional crimes.

Diddy is in more hot water. The music mogul become persona non grata after footage of him beating his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, surfaced on CNN. He's tried to sweep things under the rug and issue an IG apology, yet the public is not buying it. Many want to see Diddy face legal repercussions for what he did to Cassie, but the LAPD clarified that they cannot make an arrest due to how long ago the incident took place. This, however, has not stopped other women from coming out with different allegations against Diddy.

On May 21, Crystal McKinney filed a lawsuit in which she claimed to have been drugged and sexually assaulted by the Bad Boy founder. The model claimed that she encountered Diddy at a Men's Fashion Week event in 2003, and was invited back to his studio for an afterparty. While there, Diddy gave her drinks and various items to smoke. McKinney recalls taking a hit from a joint she described as "very powerful," and believes that it was laced with narcotics.

Crystal McKinney Claims Diddy Ruined Her Career

Diddy took her to a bathroom and allegedly tried to force himself on McKinney. The model claimed that he shoved her head down into his crotch. He then ordered her, allegedly, to "suck it." McKinney states in the lawsuit that she lost consciousness shortly after the incident. She woke up the next day in a taxi cab. Per TMZ, it hasn't been made clear whether McKinney's assault allegations stemmed from the bathroom encounter or another unspecified incident involving Diddy.

McKinney claimed that she was subsequently blacklisted in the modeling industry. She struggled to find work after her encounter with Diddy and noted that she attempted suicide in 2004. The former model is seeking unspecified damages as a result. McKinney's allegations fall in line with previous suits brought against Diddy. In November 2023, two women sued the mogul for assault, beatings and forced drugging in the 1990s. A month later, an unnamed woman claimed that he and two other men assaulted her when she was a teenager. He has not been formally charged in any of these cases.


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