Sukihana & JT Beef, Explained

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Suki got a lot off her chest as she slammed JT nonstop on “Cocaine.”

This year isn’t halfway through, but it’s already been cemented as the “year of the diss track.” Whether there’s something in the water or the stars are misaligned, there’s been a ton of beef this year, and now Sukihana and JT want in. While the City Girl has had her fair share of feuds, Suki’s the latest opp on her roster. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, the “Casamigos” singer has set the ball rolling. Sukihana recently released the devastatingly scathing “Cocaine,” an official diss against JT, kicking down the door for a newfound feud. 

Things Aren’t “Okay”

The beef between Sukihana and JT unofficially began after JT released her solo single "Okay." A specific line in the song seemed to target Sukihana."She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’ / Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin’ sh*t / Put a marker to this b*tch, she’s so counterfeit,” JT rapped. The track was released while Sukihana was in jail for possession of codeine and ecstasy with intent to distribute. That’s most likely why it did not immediately spiral into a full-blown feud at the time. In fact, some listeners believed it was a reference to Cardi B, who had a similar experience with her veneers and was also recently at loggerheads with JT.

Suki's Response

After her release on bond on April 25, Sukihana addressed the "crab legs" line during an Instagram Live session. She acknowledged her past incident with crab legs, which led to her losing a veneer. "We all know I did break my teeth on some crab legs... But I don’t talk sh*t about b*tches,” she said. “I always show b*tches love. Never hate on a b*tch. Never call a b*tch names."

Sukihana then asked JT to clarify if the lyrics were about her but did not get a reply from JT. This led to her dissing the “No Bars” rapper on X (formerly Twitter). “She pretty then a muf**a but she be doing cocainnnn,” Suki wrote. She followed it up with, “Y’all pray for me nothing wrong it’s just Jt lips use to be so white.”

JT & Sukihana’s Beef Blows Up 

JT took to her account on the same platform with a series of posts alleging that Sukihana was very much aware that the lyrics were not about her. She also claimed that Suki wanted to use the beef to chase clout. JT quickly took things up a notch, referring to the Baddies star as “Sardine Suki.” Furthermore, she wrote that Sukihana goes “viral for stupid sh*t daily.”

In reference to Suki joking that her lips used to be white, JT fired shots in return. “Talking about my lips use to be white, h*e yours use to be flat! Don’t let that synthetic hyaluronic acid get to your brain sardine suki.” She also accused Suki of attending her birthday party uninvited and posted pictures of Suki (an outspokenly sexual woman). One photo featured her sucking on someone's toes, and in another, an unknown pill was placed on her tongue. The pictures were captioned: “I don’t think I’m better than Suki baby, I AM BETTER THAN SUKI this is not a woman.”

Suki Drops “Cocaine”

Sukihana escalated the beef even further when she released a JT diss track titled "Cocaine" on May 8th. The track was promised in one of the many posts from her exchange with JT: “I was finna roast tf out of floptavia aka Ms Shi*ty girl during her coke rant but I’m gone take it to the booth and show you I can really rap bum a** long tittie bed bug looking winch.” In the song, she accused JT of using cocaine. Suki also attacked JT’s appearance for most of the 3-minute track.

“Ol’ botched body bald eagle lookin’ ass b*tch / With that 5 o’clock shadow, girl, shave that chin,” she rapped. Sukihana also asserted that JT looked “like a trans,” with the lyrics: “You ain't lyin' when you say you look like a trans / 'Cause your n***a only f*ck wit' you because you look like a man.She took things further when she made a reference to JT's past beefs with other female rappers. Specifically, she referenced her past feuds with Ice Spice and her City Girls co-act Yung Miami.

“You was mad at Ice Spice cause your n*gga wanna f*ck her.This line points to the infamous MTV VMA’s incident, when JT hurled her phone at Lil Uzi, allegedly because he flirted with Ice Spice. Regarding JT's fight with Yung Miami Sukihana said, “You been hatin' on Caresha since a baby.” She also dropped the line, “You the type of b*tch that'll backdoor your friend.” The relationship between the two City Girls seems to have hit a number of rocks lately. Moreover, although the duo is not officially disbanded, JT is currently midway to launching a full-blown solo career.


JT has been preparing to drop her solo debut project City Cinderella amid the ongoing feud. Some onlookers still believe the rappers are setting the scene for their respective releases, and this is all a stunt. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the beef between Sukihana and JT does not seem to have peaked just yet. Should JT decide to respond in kind with her own track, then things could really take off. Maybe then, the pair could finally earn a spot among 2024’s most interesting rap beefs.


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