Pepsi is scrambling to recover from one of the worst marketing fuck-ups in recent memory. Their latest ad stars Kendall Jenner as a white savior who ditches a model shoot to attend a protest, grabs a can of Pepsi on her way to the frontline, and hands it to a police officer. By simultaneously oversimplifying and appropriating the problem of police brutality that black Americans face, Pepsi raised a massive internet shitstorm of a public relations disaster. It all could have avoided if they had scrapped the Jenner ad and instead simply taken one of the following steps:

Air this unreleased Notorious B.I.G. Pepsi freestyle

Re-air this Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Macy Gray, & LL Cool J commercial

Re-air this MC Hammer commercial

Re-air this Ludacris commercial

Re-air this Kanye West commercial

Re-air this Snoop Dogg commercial

Re-air this (pretty weak) Nicki Minaj commercial 

Air anything involving Uncle Drew

Disaster averted.