Best Rap Albums & Songs Of April 2024

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There was some great music last month.

Every single month, HotNewHipHop takes a look at the best rap albums and songs of the last 30 days. Overall, a lot of amazing music was released throughout April. From R&B to rap, we got a whole lot of phenomenal projects, and even some great singles as well. However, there was also a rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar that ultimately came to a head. Songs like "Push Ups" and "Euphoria" were dropped in the month of April, and it made for some entertaining fodder.

GloRilla - Ehhthang Ehhthang

One of the best rap albums of the last month was Ehhthang Ehhthang by GloRilla. Overall, this was a project that showcased Glo's ability to slide over beats and crank out hits. In fact, it was a return to form of sorts for her. After a couple of duds, Glo came back with a vengeance and showed people just how fantastic of an artist she really is.

PartyNextDoor - P4

PartyNextDoor is an artist who has always given us some amazing R&B albums. He has a sound that helped shape the genre for an entire decade, and he is still writing at an extremely high level. His latest project P4 could very well be one of his best. Every single song is a vibe, and if you're looking for that slow bedroom music, than this is most definitely going to be to your tastes.

RiTchie - Triple Digits [112]

Injury Reserve artist RiTchie delivered a phenomenal project this past month. Overall, Injury Reserve was known for a plethora of sounds, flows, and ideas. With this RiTchie project, we get more of that diversity, and it makes for a truly impressive listen. If you are someone who wants to listen to something a bit different, you should definitely put this on. Overall, a fantastic effort from a great artist.

Metro Boomin & Future - We Still Don't Trust You

Metro Boomin and Future will always be in consideration when best rap albums are being talked about. Last month, they delivered a banger with We Don't Trust You. As for We Still Don't Trust You, this is a phenomenal hybrid of rap and r&b. There are plenty of silky smooth tracks on here, with Metro getting creative with his production. Meanwhile, Future slides and dances all over the record, just like he always does.

Kendrick Lamar - Euphoria

Kendrick Lamar was a lot more scathing on "Meet The Grahams" and "Not Like Us." However, "Euphoria" is a masterclass in being a real hater. Telling someone you hate the way they dress, walk, and talk is truly bold. Especially so when you start mocking their accent while also seemingly taking shots at their cat. "Euphoria" was a spectacle that kicked off one of the most historic weeks in hip-hop's history and for that, we thank it.

Drake - Push Ups

A lot has happened since the release of "Push Ups." However, you cannot deny the energy that Drake delivered on this cut. He dissed every single person who was out to get him, and he ultimately inspired Kendrick Lamar to drop four songs in the span of one week. Moreover, he gave us memorable lines that will be yelled at parties for years to come. Our sincere apologies to Metro Boomin for that one.

Metro Boomin & Future - Drink N Dance

Future and Metro Boomin are masters of cranking out hits. "Drink N Dance" off of We Still Don't Trust You is incredibly catchy. It makes you want to do the things laid out in the track's title, which means it is an immediate success. Future does these records so well at this point, and Metro's production is otherworldly. While some may find the duo too formulaic, it doesn't really matter if the music is undeniable.

Tommy Richman - Million Dollar Baby

Tommy Richman is having a huge moment right now. The underground artist out of VA has been dominating music discourse thanks to his mega-hit "Million Dollar Baby." The snippet for this song had fans fiening for an official release. Now, the track has arrived and it is the second-biggest song in the world. In fact, by next week, it could be the biggest. The song has fans debating what genre this is, although we really don't care. This slaps, and that is all that matters.

JT - Okay

JT has been having a huge moment as of late thanks to her solo career. Fans have been excited by her latest stream of singles, and this is yet another example of her talent. The song is viral, and overall, it has an extremely strong and memorable hook. Not to mention, it comes complete with a memorable music video that will help carry this track's momentum forward.

GloRilla & Megan Thee Stallion - Wanna Be

GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion gave us a viral challenge with this track, which automatically qualifies it for best of the month. Overall, both artists did their thing on this track. They are the masters of this kind of production, and they know how to get their fans excited. We just hope Meg and Glo team up again, especially with Meg's new album coming soon.

Which rap albums and songs did you like the best this past month?

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