Antonio Brown Continues To Go After Shannon Sharpe With NSFW Disses

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Friday's At Red Martini Hosted By Antonio Brown
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Brown just won't let up.

Antonio Brown has continued to go after Shannon Sharpe. Recently, Brown posted about Shannon Sharpe several times. He tried to compare Sharpe to "Rex," the T-Rex character from Toy Story to the Hall of Famer turned pundit. He also continuously attacks and disparages Sharpe's masculinity with homophobic posts. The former NFL wide receiver keeps posting memes about Shannon, and the situation appears to have reached a boiling point. As AB revealed, Sharpe blocked him on Twitter and threatened legal action against Brown for the harassment.

Sharpe is becoming one of the biggest stars in sports media. He made a name for himself, sparring with Skip Bayless on Fox Sports. He is now on ESPN reading barbs with Stephen A. Smith. He has a hit podcast that produces viral moments and discourse seemingly every week. With success comes haters, and Antonio Brown is about as unhinged a hater as you can be. The former NFL wide-out is known for his erratic, inappropriate, and sometimes criminal behavior. He has once again gone after Shannon Sharpe. 

Antonio Brown Once Again Makes A Joke At Shannon Sharpes Expense

Antonio Brown once again goes after Shannon brown, attempting to roast the sports pundit. Brown goes back to the old reliable, making a sexual reference to Sharpe, implying that Sharpe is a gay man. It’s something a lot of men who have problems with Shannon Sharpe say about Shannon Sharpe. It's not new ground, but it's not surprising that Brown’s default insult. Under the post, fans are wondering what happened between Sharpe and Brown that caused this beef. Sharpe had been critical of brown when he was on Undisputed with Skip Bayless. Overall, there has to be more to the situation.

Whatever the case, Shannon Sharpe continues to be plugged into sports culture. He recently had Charles Barkley on his Club Shay Shay podcast. Brown is out of the NFL and actively burning any bridges he still had with anyone involved in football. He seems very invested in social media, saying and doing outlandish things. Ultimately, this beef seems one-sided, which is probably why AB is so fixated on Sharpe. 


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