Jayda Cheaves' No Makeup Selfie Sparks Debate, She Fires Back

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Fame Fridays At Greenhaus
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - AUGUST 5: Jayda Cheaves attends Fame Fridays at Greenhaus ATL on August 5, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Jayda Cheaves remains unbothered.

It's no secret that the beauty standard only continues to increase, and recently, social media users have sparked another debate with their outrageous reactions to a photo of Jayda Cheaves. In the photo, the Savannah-born baddie is seen posing with a fan outside of a nail salon, looking laid back and all-natural. She wore little to no makeup and a casual fit with her hair slicked back.

While the personality obviously looks different than she would with a full beat, the photo has prompted outrage among some commenters, who think her look was less than impressive. "Def unfollowed jayda cus waydaf*cking minute," one critical Twitter/X user writes. "I’m sorry but Jayda look ugly on this lmao," another claims.

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Jayda Cheaves Addresses Backlash From Natural Photo

Luckily, plenty of Cheaves' fans are out in full force defending her, noting that the personality looks great with and without makeup on, and those who think otherwise should just keep their opinions to themselves. "If yall think jayda look a mess yall dont wana see me on a bad day," one Twitter/X user jokes. "The Jayda hate is weird she looked regular like yaw dragging," another says. Amid all of the chatter, Jayda decided to hop online to come to her own defense earlier today, revealing that she has no plans of letting hate stand in her way.

"I am not letting no acne or hyperpigmentation stop me from taking pics and being outside FULLY natural. Idc! Idc! Never did never will .. yall gon take me however I am. Because all yall being funny KNOW what it give. Love yall," she wrote in The Shade Room's comments section. What do you think of Jayda Cheaves' natural look? Do you think social media users are doing too much? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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