Meek Mill Calls Out Engineer For Wishing He'd Worked With JAY-Z Instead

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Meek Mill Visits Harbor NYC
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Meek Mill continues to have beef with the people he works with.

Meek Mill can't seem to stay out of beef for very long. The Philadelphia rapper has picked fights with tons of major artists, and now we can add engineers to the list. To his credit, most rappers would be frustrated by the comments Anthony Cruz made. Cruz, who engineered the 2018 Mill comeback, Championships, voiced regret about working on the album during a recent interview with TmrO Network. He stated, quite clearly, that he should have taken an offer to work on a different project.

Cruz told the outlet that he was approached by Young Guru prior to working on Championships. Guru offered him a chance to engineer Everything Is Love, the JAY-Z and Beyoncé collab album that was being recorded the same time as Meek's. Cruz turned it down out, but quickly came to regret his decision. "We had just started the very, very beginning of what would become Championships — and I dubbed it," Cruz recalled. "That is a big thing that I have to carry and deal with. I would tell a youngin’ coming up under me, 'Go to Paris, bro.'"

Meek Mill Claims He Put His Engineer On

Meek did not appreciate the engineer's thoughts. The "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper hopped on X to air out his feelings on the matter and criticize Cruz for being ungrateful. "Imagine building an engineer up teaching them presets working for years," he wrote. "In [sic] to hear them say they woulda went to Paris instead of worked on what we building sound like jay groupies." Meek, who has a professional friendship with JAY-Z, also made it clear that he's much more than a stepping stone. "Jay my family … yall be selling yall self short and may never even make it to him," he added.

Meek likes to rant on X. He proved it when he beefed with Drake in 2015 and when he was linked to the Diddy case earlier this year. He did, however, fairly point out that he gave Cruz a break in his engineering career. "When I met Cruz he was the store runner I needed an engineer and started using him everyday," he recalled. The rapper labeled Cruz's comments "insane" and suggested he may seek out another engineer on future albums.


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