Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Claims His Secret Tapes Could Feature Politicians, Preachers, And Princes

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Gene Deal thinks Diddy's celebrity friends are keeping quiet because his entire house was taped and bugged.

Last month, two of Diddy's mansions were raided by Homeland Security amid a federal sex trafficking investigation. While it remains unclear exactly what officials found in the mogul's homes, social media users suspect it could include evidence incriminating some of his celebrity peers. According to his ex-bodyguard Gene Deal, there are several individuals from various walks of life who could have been caught on camera engaging in questionable activity.

"I don't think it's only celebrities gonna be shook," Deal explained in a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue. "He had politicians in there, he had princes in there, he also had a couple of preachers in there."

Geal Deal Claims Diddy's Entire Home Was Bugged

Deal went on to suggest that most of Diddy's celebrity friends are choosing to keep quiet on the case for now because the Bad Boy Records founder's entire house was equipped with cameras and audio recording devices. "I think the celebrities that may be worried is because of what Lil Rod said," he described. "Lil Rod said in his affidavit that Diddy had every room taped and bugged. Can you imagine? He had every room taped and bugged, and they found little bugs and tape recorders... They found them in the house, bruh. So by them having those things in the house and people know there's drugs and alcohol, there's loose women, there's loose men... All kinds of cr*zy sh*t. They're just wondering who or when they're gonna let this stuff be known."

What do you think of Diddy's ex-bodyguard Gene Deal claiming his secret tapes could feature politicians, princes, and more? What about him claiming that every room in the mogul's house was bugged and taped? Are you surprised or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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