B.G. Gets Arrested For Performing With Boosie Badazz

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Cash Money Millionaires On The Jenny Jones Show
Rapper B.G. (Christopher Noel Dorsey) of Cash Money Millionaires poses for photos after rehearsals for his performance on 'The Jenny Jones Show' in Chicago, Illinois in February 2000. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
Just last year, B.G. returned home from a 12-year prison stay.

B.G. was finally released from prison a few months ago after a 12-year stay, but unfortunately, the performer could be going back soon. Earlier this week, his friend OG Freeze hopped online to share the news, revealing that it all stemmed from a recent reunion with Boosie Badazz. He joined the Louisiana-born artist for a show in Las Vegas this month.

"The man [has] come home, doing his little thing, he ain't bothering nobody... Just trying to get his life back on track," OG Freeze explained. "He ain't doing nothing different than no other rapper." Reportedly, one of the conditions of B.G.'s supervised release is that he must "obtain prior written approval" before self-employment, which he didn't. B.G. is also barred from "associating unnecessarily with" convicted felons such as Boosie or Gucci Mane, whom he recently collaborated with on Choppers & Bricks.

OG Freeze Gives Fans An Update On B.G.

He was arrested for violating his parole on Wednesday (March 27), and released shortly after. He could spend even more time behind bars, however, as he has a federal court hearing to go over the violation in New Orleans scheduled sometime soon. OG Freeze isn't the only one of B.G.'s friends coming to his defense following his arrest, however.

Boosie also recently hopped online to encourage fans to stand behind B.G. "I'mma need all my supporters, all rap supporters to get behind and try to stop what's going on with B.G. These people are trying to lock B.G. up for rapping, bro," he says in a clip. "This gotta stop, bro. We've got to fight for our people, bro... Wrong is wrong."

Boosie Asks Fans To Stand Behind B.G.

What do you think of B.G. potentially facing even more time behind bars for his recent Vegas show with Boosie Badazz? What about Boosie asking fans to stand behind the Hot Boys rapper? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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